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We are different

“No one ever got fired for buying IBM” – a classic line often used in IT circles.

This saying is well known, but is it still relevant today? In the past, you couldn’t go wrong if you just sticked with industry leader. But today’s IT world is much more agile, fast-moving and filled with many more alternatives. Decision makers today are faced with a plethora of options to keep their company competitive and more successful:

  • Which IT strategies should I use?
  • Should I buy and operate my own hardware?
  • What are the costs to build up internal IT expertise?
  • Which provider do I choose for IT projects?
  • How can I ensure that projects are completed “on time” and “on budget”?

These operational, tactical and strategic questions are often complex and cannot be answered with simple buzzwords. Large consulting firms offer supposedly simple solutions and manpower, but often fail to deliver. Their projects take longer, they cost significantly more than originally budgeted and, in the end, you are not satisfied.

Why TOP42?

We offer you the experience of large companies, but without their hydrocephalus and with significantly more flexibility. As a consulting company and implementation partner, we speak the language of SMEs as well as that of large companies. With TOP42 you get Swiss quality – competent, reliable and flexible.

Our focus is on SAP services, sourcing consulting, finance IT and business coaching. Thanks to our decades of experience in globally operating outsourcing companies, coupled with knowledge of the Swiss market, we offer a unique combination for your future growth.